Learning Technology

Spell-It Challenge

Learn words through adaptive spelling exercise and challenges ! Track progress, create learning preferences or have fun and share success and invite friends for vocabulary challenge.
Suitable for schools and personal developement - from kinder to college.

Self-paced home work helps student's knowledge retention. Exercises challenge and stimulate confidence in knowledge acquiscition. With distributed nature of resources to help, having review, correction and annotation done from anywhere makes the world feel like a small town school. Learning just got better.

School Now is a new way to acquire systematic knowledge, validate experiences and certify progress without traditional brick and mortar approach !

Taking notes with gestures, audio and video while organizing ideas into creative forms over time.

Identity & Privacy Management

Secure Identity for Life

Sharing personal information on the Internet (with or without trust) is difficult on untrusted networks
Perfiect identity provides you capabilities to share your information online and track who uses it and when for life ! Own your identity and claim it back with authority !

Do you use the same password for different accounts or email ? We got a solution for you that requires no additional memorization of password ?
Safely forget your password and be confident when authenticating with applications anywhere and at anytime!

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